The Roger Inman Memorial Award

The Roger Inman Memorial Award

This award is given annually in recognition of a project that has made a significant contribution to the economic development of the community. CCEC is committed to keeping our money and resources working in our community by actively supporting and promoting the development of strong, successful community businesses, projects and organizations.


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2019 Winner:  Wild Salmon Caravan

Wild Salmon Caravan (WSC) is a project led by the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty (WGIFS) in collaboration with the Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance. The project engages multiple Indigenous and non-Indigenous Elders, activists, researchers and lawyers.  2019 will be the 5th annual WSC.  Dawn Morrison, Co-Founder/Chair of the WGIFS says, “The strength of our work lies in our networks and our ability to link with over 100+ organizations to leverage support, access funding, and co-develop programs, promotion, and public education materials, as well as plan logistics, and host community arts build workshops, feasts, ceremonies and visual and performing arts events.”  

The WSC, with guidance and direction from the Salish Council of Matriarchs, raises awareness of the issues surrounding the declining health and abundance of our most important Indigenous food, wild salmon. They organize community arts and cultural engagement activities that brings together Rainbow Peoples (peoples of all creeds and cultures) in their public education campaign and celebrations of the spirit of wild salmon.

The WSC mobilizes traditional ecological knowledge, values, strategies, practices and protocols that have persisted throughout the process of colonization. The WSC media highlights  teachings on sustainability of wild salmon fisheries and how it can be applied in the present day reality.  Sustainability of our efforts ultimately lies in the extended networks where Indigenous food, social and ceremonial fisheries knowledge lives, and the large volunteer basis on which the WGIFS and WSC planning teams work. We activate sharing and trading of knowledge and food and revitalize inter-tribal networks, and we promote and generate awareness of how to increase the communities’ ability to respond to their own needs for food in a way that affirms the regenerative paradigm that underlies Indigenous cosmologies and worldviews. 

In 2018, the eight-day caravan started in Vancouver with a parade on September 22 and finished in Chase at Adams Lake on September 29.  For more information and to get involved in the 2019 WSC visit their website  Like and Follow them on Facebook 


2018 Winner! 

MEMBERS VOTED at the AGM on whom they feel are most deserving of the recognition and $1,000 cash prize.   Our 2018 recipient for the Award is Sanctuary Health.  Congratulations!  

Sanctuary Health is the recipient of the $1,000 cash award from the Roger Inman Trust account and our runner-ups each receive recognition from CCEC and you, our members, by receiving $250.  

“Thank you to CCEC for recognising Sanctuary Health for the Roger Inman Memorial Award. The award will directly support important, yet often ignored, members of our community struggling in solidarity against an unjust system."  Sanctuary Health, 2018 Roger Inman Memorial Award recipient

Runners up say: 

"The Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks are very appreciative for receiving recognition through the Roger Inman Award  which allows us to continue our work in supporting food equity and dignified food justice for all our community residents."  Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks

"Being supported by community partners allows us to continue a decades-long struggle for justice. Community support means building up our organizing skills, creating crafty protest, inventing new ways of changing the system. Pressure, people power, and persistent belief in a better, more just society, will make the change. Thanks to CCEC for helping us do that."  Raise the Rates 

We hope that all our members at the AGM learned more about a few of our members doing great work in the community.  Be sure to find out more.

Past Winners include: 

2018:  Sanctuary Health
2017: Vancouver Co-op Radio for its' Each for All Program shared the award with Girls Rock Camp Vancouver.
2016:  Joint Effort
2015:  No One is Illegal
2014:  Groundswell Grassroots Economic Society
2013: Red Fox Healthy Living Society
2012:  Girls Rock Camp Vancouver

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