The Roger Inman Memorial Award

The Roger Inman Memorial Award

This award is given annually in recognition of a project that has made a significant contribution to the economic development of the community. CCEC is committed to keeping our money and resources working in our community by actively supporting and promoting the development of strong, successful community businesses, projects and organizations.


2018 Shortlisted Nominations

MEMBERS VOTE at the AGM on whom they feel are most deserving of the recognition and $1,000 cash prize. 
Last year, members voted and both Girls Rock Camp Vancouver and Vancouver Co-op Radio split the award. 


The Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks (VNFN)  ensure that all community members have dignified access to healthy, affordable, and culturally appropriate food through their community kitchens and meals, food baskets, bulk-buying and other food and garden programs.  We serve vulnerable populations, immigrants,  and refugees in our programs.


Sanctuary Health is a grassroots community group. We deploy direct action, movement-building, community-engagement, and direct support strategies to advocate for access to services for all regardless of immigration status or documentation. We are committed to building cross-sectoral alliances of mutual support to advance the migrant-justice movement on unceded Coast Salish territories.

  Raise the Rates 


2017 Winner(s):

In 2017, we shortlisted nominees who were asked to have a table at the AGM.  Members in good standing were asked to 'vote' for whom they felt was most deserving to receive the Award.   There was a tie!  

Vancouver Co-op Radio for its' Each for All Program shared the award with Girls Rock Camp Vancouver. 

Past Winners include: 

2017: Vancouver Co-op Radio for its' Each for All Program shared the award with Girls Rock Camp Vancouver.
2016:  Joint Effort
2015:  No One is Illegal
2014:  Groundswell Grassroots Economic Society
2013: Red Fox Healthy Living Society
2012:  Girls Rock Camp Vancouver

2016 Winner:  Joint Effort

Joint Effort - Women In Prison Support Group started in the late 1970’s as a sub-committee of the BC Federation of Women.  The prisoners’ rights movement grew alongside liberty and equality seeking movements.  While many of the issues prisoners faced mirrored the struggle on the outside, there was the additional issue of isolation.  So when prisoners put out the call for outside support, The BC Federation of Women responded. 

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