An RRSP at CCEC is investing in you and in your community.

Contribute monthly and make more money.  Start an RRSP automatic transfer.  The earlier the funds are deposited,  the sooner the funds start earning the tax sheltered income.

Do you need the funds to make your contribution?   If so, please complete a personal loan short form application and fax or bring it into the credit union along with confirmation of your income.

Need more info? Email our Personal Loans Officer, Atilio!

Come to the Credit Union and pick  up the free booklet, Understanding the Basics, which provides understandable information on RRSP’s and retirement income options. 

Being financially fit is easy at CCEC when we set automatic transfers from your chequing or savings account to your RRSP.  Ease your pain by contributing monthly to your RRSP.

Your contribution can be to an RRSP in your own name, your common law partner’s name (regardless of sex), or your spouse’s name. If one spouse will be in a higher tax bracket in retirement, it may be beneficial to have the RRSP funds held by the spouse who will be in the lower tax bracket when the funds are withdrawn. 

To get started, we offer automatic transfers from chequing or savings accounts to RRSP’s.  The automatic transfer can be set up for as little as $20.00 weekly/bi-weekly/or monthly (e.g. set up the transfer for paydays). Note: to start a new RRSP contract requires an initial investment of $500.00. 

It’s as easy as a visit to the branch to start up your RRSP, a step that could improve your peace of mind and quality of life down the road. It does take commitment: funds withdrawn too early never truly benefit from the tax sheltered compounding factor available in RRSP’s. 

For added convenience we can transfer your existing RRSP balances from other financial institutions to CCEC Credit Union as the RRSP products mature.  This way you can easily keep track of your investment on your CCEC Credit Union monthly statement. 


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