We provide first and second mortgages for purchase of a residence, recreational property, renovation or refinancing your business or organizations’ needs.

Moving your mortgage to CCEC may be easier than you think. 

If your friends and family need assistance with a mortgage, please refer to our branch. We have helped many new members over the past year because their “bank” couldn’t help. Help your friend, the credit union, and our local community!

Did you know that with a mortgage at CCEC you can:

  • Make an annual principal pre-payment or increase the regular mortgage payment each year on the anniversary. You can use these options in any amounts, so don’t be shy! Making a principal pre-payment or increasing the regular payment can save a lot of interest over the long-term!
  • Consider switching to bi-weekly or weekly payments. This will accelerate the repayment schedule and you’ll pay less interest on an annual basis.
  • Buy mortgage protection insurance. We think this is something very valuable to consider. Choose whichever type of coverage is important to you. If your budget is tight, consider buying a portion of the full amount, say 50%. Disability is our favourite!
  • “Re-advance” your existing mortgage if you’ve paid it down. No formal application, no costs, and no new legal work. Renovations? Education costs? Down payment on another property? Email us for more details.
  • Get financing on Equity Co-Op and Leasehold properties. Some restrictions do apply, but it’s part of our commitment to affordable housing options.

Visit our Housing Co-op Services Page for information on second mortgages. 

Let us know how we can help you, your friends, family and colleagues!

Call 604-254-4100 for an appointment today!

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