Who We Are

Who We Are

Board of Directors

Members of CCEC's Board of Directors are elected at our Annual General Meeting that is held every year in late January or early February. As directors, they become team members in the governance of the credit union, and volunteer for a three-year term. Meetings are currently held every third Thursday of the month. There are also occasional special meetings held to discuss board initiatives and special projects of the directors, such as long term planning.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to oversee the running of the credit union and to delegate the authority for the day to day operations to the manager. They are guided in carrying out their duties by CCEC policies, Credit Union legislation and the hard work of our committee members. Directors are also encouraged to sit on one or more of the various Board committees.

Board members serve terms of three years and often stay for a second term. All board members serve double duty on one of the several working committees including Investment and Lending, and Member Services. In addition, several directors also find time to serve on the board of the CCEC Development Society. 

Meet Your Board:

  • Michelle Fortin
  • Marty Frost
  • Helesia Luke
  • Donalda Greenwell-Baker
  • Dawn Morrison

Committees of the Board

The Investment and Lending Committee is made up of representatives from management, board and credit committee, appointed by the Board, and meets quarterly. This committee is a legislated body set up to review current investment and lending policies in relation to current financial conditions. The quarterly financial statements are reviewed against the performance of the credit union system, our own past performance and to catch any imbalances caused by current economic conditions. The Committee also makes recommendations on lending policy and advises staff on any financial trends that may benefit services to our membership.

The Strategic Planning and Member Engagement Committee is composed of at least three directors, including one of the Co-chairs of the board. The committee organizes and supports effective board strategic planning and development efforts. The committee also oversees member surveys, consultations and communications. This committee also co-ordinates the annual board evaluation.

The Audit Committee and the Conduct Review Committee are board committees which are required by legislation. Currently, the full board serves as these two committees.

Credit Committee as of February 5, 2020

Credit Committee Members are:  Dennis McCrossan, April Sumter, Nat Marshik, Andy Miller, Willem Haan, Shana Myara, Jan Berman.

CCEC's Credit Committee fulfills an important role in maintaining the credit union's integrity and commitment to the community. This committee of seven members elected by the membership meet monthly at CCEC to consider loan applications. CCEC membership loans are evaluated and a standard loans criteria is applied to all personal, business and mortgage loans, which are reviewed for approval.

This provides an opportunity for staff and committee members to discuss CCEC's values and apply creative solutions to the financial issues that may face our membership. The Credit Committee's decisions are guided by CCEC's mission statement, investment and lending policy, and Credit Union legislation.

There are also two to four joint meetings annually of the Board of Directors and Credit Committee to review policy and co-ordinate lending objectives. The credit committee requires serious commitment of time and energy but the rewards are many in light of serving your community.

For further information on loans available through CCEC Credit Union and to complete the personal loan application on line, click here to visit our Loans Page for individuals and click here for business loans.


If anything depicts the spirit of CCEC, it's our friendly staff!

Jo Ha.........................Acting General Manager - jha@ccec.bc.ca
Kirk McLardie..........Manager, Risk and Branch Operations kmclardie@ccec.bc.ca 
Terry Aske ...............Manager, Administration - taske@ccec.bc.ca
Joanne MacKinnon..Member Relations - jmackinnon@ccec.bc.ca
Atilio Alvarez …......Personal Loans Officer - aalvarez@ccec.bc.ca
Wendy Frost ............Sr Member Services - wfrost@ccec.bc.ca
Paul Coulter......…...Clearing Administrator - info@ccec.bc.ca
Diane Leblanc ........Member Services - dleblanc@ccec.bc.ca
April Walker ...........Member Services - awalker@ccec.bc.ca
Yolanda Triana........Member Services - ytriana@ccec.bc.ca
Arvid Vimb.............Member Services - avimb@ccec.bc.ca 

The majority of staff at CCEC  are proud members of Unifor Local 3000.

Volunteer Opportunities

At CCEC we have a strong commitment to co-operative and democratic principles. All members have the opportunity to be closely involved in the credit union's operations and the credit union movement.

Democratic decision-making
CCEC's direction is determined by the membership at our Annual General Meetings at which each member has a vote. There are two elected decision-making groups:

CCEC Development Society

The CCEC Development Society was established in 1998 to undertake activities that meet the credit union’s objectives but can be better implemented and funded by a non-profit organization. The membership of the Society is comprised of the Board of the credit union, the Credit Committee and individuals appointed as members by the Society Board.

The Society’s by-laws require that the majority of Society directors are also credit union directors and/or credit committee members


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