Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting 2016

AGM 2016

AGM was held on Thursday, February 9, 2017 at CCEC Credit Union 2248 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

REGISTRATION:  6:00pm  BUSINESS MEETING started at 7:00pm

Download or view the documents of the AGM: 

Elections were held.  

New Board of Directors Members are: 

  • Gilad Babchuk
  • Ross Gentleman
  • Denise Brennan
  • Jan Berman (incumbent)

New Credit Committee Members are: 

  • Andrew Boyle
  • Gail Cryer
  • Dennis McCrossan

Thank you to Calabash Bistro, Cafe Deux Soleils and Cafe Justica for the great food, desserts and coffee.

Door Prizes from our members to our members.   Thank you for your contributions: 

Café Justica, Concentra Financial, Coop Housing Federation of BC, Cuets Mastercard, D'Arcy Margesson Pottery, Discovery Organics, DOXA Film Festival, Groundswell Roasters, Ken Gerberick Art Piece, Linda Read Jewelry, The Organic Grocer, Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Western Canada Wilderness Committee

AGM 2015: 

Held on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, at Cafe Deux Soleils, 2096 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC 

Thank you to the Red Fox Drum Group singers Kat Norris and Phabion Sutherland for welcoming us to unceded coast salish territory.

Thank you to our members who contributed door prizes.  They are: 

Ken Gerberick, The Bike Dr, BC Coop Assoc, Bill Sample & Leon Bibb CD’s from Cafe Etico, Commercial St. Café, Concentra. Co-op Housing Fed. Of BC, Creative Co-workers, CUETS, D’Arcy Margesson Pottery, Discovery Organics, DOXA Film Festival, EarthSun, East End Food Co-op, Grandview Woodland Food Connection, grunt galley, Jewelry  by Linda Reid, Painting by Suzo Hickey, Poplar Studio, Potsie’s Organics Cookbook, Saturna Café (Hubertus of Isadora’s Café), The Organic Grocer Gift Basket, Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Western Canada Wilderness Comm.

AGM 2014: 

Held on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

Click to download: 

Thank You to the following members who donated door prizes for our 2014 AGM:

BC Co-op Association -  Café Etico  -   Commercial St. Café  - Concentra Financial  -  Co-op Housing Federation of BC  -  Co-op Radio  -  CUETS Mastercard  -  D’Arcy Margesson Pottery  -  Discovery Organics  -  DOXA Film Festival  -  East End Food Co-op  -  Full Bloom Flowers  -  grunt gallery  -  H. Kanemitsu  -  Ken Gerberick, Artist  -  Linda Reid Jewelry -   Organic Grocer  -  Sancha Design  -  Terry Aske Quilt Art  -  The Poplar Studio  -  Western Canada Wilderness Committee

Thank you to our member groups with Information Tables: 


Western Canada Wilderness Committee -  Groundswell Grassroots Economic Alternatives  -  Raise the Rates  -  No One is Illegal  -  Red Fox Healthy Living Society  -  Everywoman's  Health Centre  -  BC Co-operative Association  -  Co-op Housing Federation of BC  -  CoDev Just Film Festival  -  Café Etico

Click HERE for the Official Notice of the AGM. 

Click HERE for the Summarized Financial Statement.


Past AGM's  2013 

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Annual Report 2012

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