CCEC Credit Union members are proud to sponsor ten youth participants at YES Camp this summer. Each year at CCEC Credit Union, the YES Camp thermometer goes up in the branch and our members contribute to the fund to pay up to 100% of the registration fee for our youth to attend YES Camp. Campers tell us this one week co-operative leadership camp is a transformative experience for youth and parents. Our youth members apply for scholarships and the winners names are drawn randomly.

YES Camp, previously called Camp Rainbow has evolved and changed with the times over the past 30 years.  Our local teens who would not be able to attend camp without financial assistance, gather with youths from across BC and participate in fun interactive skills training such as self-awareness, co-operation, communication, global awareness, environmental sustainability and leadership. 

Camp participants write thank you letters with comments including, “The sense of community and safety is overwhelming.  I’m returning home with improved communication and conflict resolution skills and faith in myself.  I learned that I am not alone.”

CCEC members donate to the fund for various reasons and one mother who donates each year says she gives because she wants her daughter to have the opportunity to go to camp when she is old enough.  There is often a friendly rivalry among some businesses and the ‘claim to be the first member to donate.  Donations are accepted year-round with the campaign kick-off in May and continuing to mid-June. 

CCEC Credit Union is a single branch credit union on Commercial Drive.  It was founded by Vancouver’s self-help community including co-ops and not-for-profit groups, to meet their financial needs.   Our goal is Economic Democracy.


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Joanne MacKinnon

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