Meet CCEC member, Roan Reimer. Roan attended YES Camp last year, is returning this year and was elected as a Grand Marshal for the 37th Annual Vancouver Pride Parade.  They say, “Being selected for this role means a great deal to me.  Being able to bring focus to LGBTQA+ youth is crucial to the future of the movement, particularly in the ever increasing presence of trans and gender-variant folks, who are the most at odds with much of society.”  

Grand marshals are community leaders who represent the theme of the current year's pride festivities and action.  In previous years they have marched in the Pride parade with various organizations, or attended as a spectator.  This is their first year being actively involved in all of pride week.   They feel the Pride festival is important because it celebrates LGBTQA+ culture and individuals, and inspires action in support of causes vital to our survival.  This coming pride celebration is particularly important as it will draw attention towards the trans and gender-variant community, which receives much less support than most other groups within the larger community.

They see that CCEC supports the LGBTQA+ community by offering financial security without the involvement of corporations and large banks which contribute towards the class divide and systematic oppression of privileged individuals. Community-run organizations such as CCEC keep crucial aspects of societal life open to who might not otherwise be able to access.  The co-op structure also engages us in keeping this resource accessible, and optimally beneficial to all those involved.  CCEC also provides opportunities to youth for participation in validating and personal-development spaces, such as the community sponsorships available for YES camp. 

The Vancouver LGBTQA+ community's success in providing continuing support to it's people can be attributed to support from community organizations, and the unrelenting work of many LGBTQA+ individuals. An emphasis on the support and development of young people as community leaders will bring us ever-forward in fight for liberation. 

Why am I a member of CCEC? I joined CCEC due to my values regarding community cooperation and protection of grassroots community engagement, such as that offered by small credit unions. My family has been involved in CCEC for most of my life, so when the time came for me to formally operate my finances, it was the perfect fit.


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