Our Branch Hours are: 

Tuesday to Thursday:10:00am-5:00pm

2248 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC V5N 4B5

PHONE:    604.254.4100
Toll-Free:  1.866.254.4100

Telephone Banking: 
778.588.6811 / 1.844.588.6811




Save the Dates for Shredding Days!


What better time than to sign up to go paperless!  Now, e-Statements available through MemberDirect (online banking). Email us or let us know when you come to the branch that you want to choose paperless. 

What goes in the Shred Bin?

  • Blueprints, Magazines and Brochures, Clean paper of any colour and size

NOTE:  No need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands or small binders

Not sure?  Ask us....

Updates for our Members


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Interac® e-Transfer : Our new E-Transfer limits* are:
* Note: some specialty accounts may have lower limits

Deposit (Receiving):
  • Single: $10,000
  • Daily: $20,000
  • Weekly: $140,000
  • Monthly: $600,000
Withdrawal (Sending):
  • Single: $10,000
  • Daily: $20,000
  • Weekly: $50,000
  • Monthly: $100,000
  • How Does It Work 
  • FAQ's
  • Fees
    Featuring Autodeposit and Request Money. These features apply if both the sending and receiving financial institutions offer the services.  If not, a security question will apply.

Lost, stolen or captured card?   Click here to find out who to call.

Services and Fees: Click here to download.

Apply Online today*for all cards except deposit secured cards. 

Learn more.Pick the charge card that fits your needs.  

Learn more about CCEC history, mission and values by clicking here.

CCEC is a single branch autonomous and independent credit union on Commercial Drive, Vancouver. The credit union was formed in 1976 by a group of community organizations, community activists, local co-ops and not-for-profits who were unable to access financial services through mainstream banks and credit unions.


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